Business Phones


Businesses used to use traditional analog landline telephone systems. These systems were connected to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and ran on the telephone company’s copper wiring.

PBX systems were extremely reliable, they required expensive equipment that was hard to install and maintain. Traditional analog landline systems are becoming obsolete. Telephone companies have shifted to VoIP technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), on-premises & cloud-hosted systems now have hundreds of options. VoIP systems work with cheaper  PBX equipment. Small business can now access many calling features they previously couldn’t afford, like

  • automated attendants
  • conference calling
  • call recording

VoIP systems also integrate with computers, so employees can make calls from their machines and have voicemails sent directly to their email. It can also be helpful for businesses using customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

Cloud-hosted phone systems are great small business phone systems. With a cloud-hosted phone system, there is no equipment. The only equipment you need is the phones themselves.

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