Small business owners can only focus on a finite number of tasks at a time. This means that there are many areas or strategies that tend to get overlooked. If you’re ready to step up your business process, consider these tips from members of the online small business community about some overlooked areas of business.

Examine the Content Performance Aspects That Google Can’t Measure

Businesses tend to overlook any aspect of their content marketing strategy that can’t be shown on Google Analytics. However, there are other ways to tell how your content is performing. In this Search Engine Watch post, Gabrielle Sadeh goes over some of them.

Ensure Business Continuity

Many small businesses are not prepared for a major disaster, whether it’s a weather event or a data breach. Having a continuity plan in place can help you bounce back quickly in case there is an issue. Emily Glass shares some best practices for creating one in this Small Biz Viewpoint post.

Pay Attention to Lessons from Year to Year

You’re inevitably going to endure some challenges and hardships through the years while running your business. If you can learn from those situations, and those from other entrepreneurs, you’ll be better poised to grow. In this post on the Strella Social Media blog, Rachel Strella lists some of the most important lessons she’s learned over the past year. And members of the BizSugar community chimed in here.

Train Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank

Employee training is a key component of any business. But some small companies may choose to cut corners because they assume it costs too much for them. In this post, Renee Johnson details how you can train your team in a really cost-effective way.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Office

What you surround yourself with while you work can ultimately make a major impact on the success of your business. If your office is full of exciting colors you love, you may be more motivated than if it’s painted an ugly or generic shade. You can learn more about this concept and what colors to choose for your office in this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya.

Change Your Life and Business with Meditation

Entrepreneurs tend to be so focused on their businesses that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. However, prioritizing your own wellness and mindset can help you make major improvements. In this Duct Tape Marketing post and podcast, John Jantsch discusses the power of meditation with a special guest.

Don’t Count Out Email Marketing

Marketers have been touting the death of emails for years. But the strategy is still alive and well. In fact, a recent report found it to be essential for most businesses. So if you’ve started to give up on email, check out this Marketing Land post by Jennifer Cannon to get back on track.

Be Prepared for Political Ads to Drown You Out

Since 2020 is an election year, social media sites are likely to be bombarded by political ads. You might think this has nothing to do with your business, but it could actually make a major impact on your own advertising strategy. Read this Social Media HQ post by Christian Zilles for more information.

Stay Organized and Productive with Calendar Tools

If you just use a standard calendar or planner for your business tasks and appointments, you could be missing out on some really helpful features. In this Moss Media post, Moss Clement details some calendar tools you can use to make your business more productive. And BizSugar members offered commentary here.

Use Email Templates for Event Invitations

Sometimes, a good old fashioned event can really get people talking about your business. And although social media makes it easy to send out invites, email can also be a decent strategy for reaching out to potential attendees. Use the templates in this GetResponse post by Max Benz to craft your messages.