When you run a business, sometimes you need to look at things in a new way. You may need to view your marketing efforts through a customer lens or change your thoughts about a particular concept like SEO. To give you some new perspective on ways you can improve your business, here are some insights from members of the online small business community.

Reshape the Way You Think About SEO

SEO is constantly evolving. So your own strategies and thoughts about it need to change as well, especially when you receive new information. This Social Media Revolver post by Jennica Hill includes studies that may reshape some of your current opinions.

Use the Psychology of Liking to Grow Your Business

Customer psychology can make a major impact on how you market your business. So just how much do you understand about why people like things? Dive into more detail in this Crowdspring post by Ashlee Brayfield.

Consider Learning Another Language

Knowing multiple languages can be beneficial for a wide array of business owners and professionals. This skill can take some time. But it also offers a ton of advantages. Learn some of them in this post on the Miss Millennia Magazine blog by Ann Snook.

Convert Leads to Customers with a Marketing Funnel

If you want to transform your leads into actual customers, a marketing funnel is essential. In this post on the Strella Social Media blog, Rachel Strella interviews John Webster about the power of funnels and how to best implement them. And BizSugar members offered thoughts here.

Implement Structured Data

Bringing new visitors to your website requires several different tactics. In addition to basic things like keywords, you may also want to learn about the more technical aspects, like structured data. Read all about this concept and why you should implement it for your business in this Search Engine Watch post by Inna Yatsyna.

Learn from Influencer Marketing’s Hidden History

Influencer marketing in its current form is a relatively new concept. But the general idea behind it actually has a long history. And looking back may provide some valuable insights for today’s businesses. Check out this TopRank Marketing post by Lane Ellis for more information.

Consider a Loan for Your Small Business

Extra funding can potentially change the way your company operates. If you have more access to cash, you have more freedom to try new things and expand in different ways. In this Smallbiztechnology.com post, Matt Shealy explores some of the common reasons why you might explore funding opportunities.

Add Must-Use Apps to Your Devices

Apps can potentially make a major impact on your productivity and effectiveness as an entrepreneur. But you need to download the right apps in order to make a positive change. This Noobpreneur post by Ivan Widjaya lists a few of the ones for business owners to consider today.

Repurpose Instagram Content for Your Email Marketing

Sometimes, it helps to look at your own marketing content in a brand new way. This may even help you repurpose certain content to give it new life on another platform. In this Process Street post, Adam Henshall examines three ways you can repurpose Instagram content for email marketing campaigns.

Improve Your Website with SEO Checker Tools

If you want to transform your website, improving SEO can go a long way. In order to do that, you need to know what the current issues are. Naman Modi shares a list of online SEO checker tools you can use to accomplish that in this Pixel Productions post. You can also see commentary from BizSugar members here.